urinal tips
My favorite: this sign was posted above a men's room urinal at a highway rest stop.
  water is coming
Just in case you don't know how to use one of these new-fangled automatic water faucets.
keep space
No tailgating allowed.
    don't climb the wallKind of ironic, since the sign is posted on the Great Wall.
don't fall down
This is always a good idea; posted on a three step stairway in Beijing's Forbidden City.
change lane notice behind
Whose behind are we talking about here?
    No naked flames
We insist on modesty here.
No striding
We never stride among the cultural relics.
    No waste discarding
And you'd better not litter either.
Don't drink & driveI love the graphics on this one.     Take care of your familyOn a construction barrier at the Forbidden City.

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