We've done it three times now: taken a Celebrity Cruise to Alaska. Our latest voyage left San Francisco in early September, giving us almost two weeks at sea, with stops in Vancouver, Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Victoria, and a forlorn little tourist trap called Icy Point Strait.

Here are some photos of our last two trips. Click on the images to see a full-size version.



We saw lots of whales in 2005 during a whale-watching excursion that left from Juneau. Most of them appeared to be humpback whales, although an orca or two may have slipped in. At times, it was difficult to see well because it started raining hard.

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Northern Lights  

One night we saw an amazing display of the Northern Lights. It seemed to cover half the sky, and kept changing colors and shapes for more than an hour.

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Hubbard Glacier  

Hubbard Glacier was the northernmost point of our cruises, and the most dramatic demonstrations of nature's might. Our latest visit came when the glacier was calving a lot, which made for some dramatic photos.

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Skagway was one of the towns where we docked. Lots of beautiful scenery, but not much else to see unless we bought some of the pricey excursions offered by the cruise line. We ended up doing a lot of shopping at stores with "end of the season" sales. Now we have a lot of souvenirs that say Alaska on them.

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Bob on veranda  

Your host, Bob, on the veranda of Infinity in 2004 while cruising through the Inside Passage.

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